Insulation and siding underlayments sold by ADI

ADI offers a variety of insulation and underlayments that further increase the energy efficiency of all of siding and window products we carry.

From window wraps to vinyl siding insulation to extruded polystyrene, ADI is your locally-owned source for quality exterior home building products.

Pactiv GreenGuard®

Pactiv is fanfold insulation made with extruded polystyrene, also known as XPS. When every penny counts, you can rely on the performance of this economical siding underlayment. ADI also sells their housewrap. The GreenGuard system protects against moisture and enhances energy efficiency.
  • GreenGuard Q350, a 3/8″ x 4 ft x 48 ft fanfold, is one of the most durable yet economical siding underlayments available. Providing a smooth, level nailing surface for new siding, it contains an XPS core and high impact polystyrene cap sheets on both sides. Plus it cuts cleanly and is perforated to allow potentially harmful moisture vapor to escape.
  • GreenGuard XP38 and XPF38 are 3/8″ x 4 ft x 50 ft fanfold siding underlayments with superior stiffness to ensure your siding job is the smoothest possible. With flexible plastic facers on both sides, it is extra durable, yet its cut-and-fold hinge design allow it to lay flat. Perforated to allow moisture vapor to escape, it also features a perforated reflective factor that can enhance thermal performance.
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Progressive Foam

Foam insulations by Progressive Foam are made of expanded polystyrene, or EPS, which provides excellent R-value to improve thermal performance. The R-factor of EPS remains constant throughout its life because its manufacturing process results in trapped bubbles of insulating natural air, rather than gas which eventually diffuses out of the cells of insulations made with XPS. EPS is 98% air and 2% plastic that is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-CFC, therefore it is not harmful to the ozone layer. Progressive Foam insulations are covered by the strongest warranty in the industry.
  • FullbackTM is a contoured siding designed to fit the precise shape of siding whether using vinyl siding, fiber cement or steel siding. It provides maximum performance by completely filling the gap between the siding and the home, thus reducing heating and cooling costs year round. With exceptional permeability, it provides protection against mold and mildew.
  • ProFold is a professional-grade fan-folded siding underlayment that can be used with any type of siding. Made with graphite enhanced material, it provides a highly efficient thermal break between the outside and inside of the home to save energy. It lays flatter on the wall than crimped foam products.
  • All Progressive Foam insulations are specially formulated to protect from termites while remaining safe for installers and homeowners.
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Viscor by FLEXcon Industrial is a foam that wraps around the perimeter of a window prior to installation to position the window and create an energy efficient seal. It consists of a compressible foam supported by a flame laminated polyester tape that provides a permanent bond. A pressure sensitive adhesive bonds the foam to substrates such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl.
  • ENERGY STAR approved
  • Economical; reduces installation costs
  • Keeps out cold, dust and wind
  • Fire retardant
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DuPont invented housewraps more than 30 years ago and leads the industry for durability and energy efficiency. Its unique material helps prevent the infiltration of air and water while letting water vapor escape to prevent rot and mold inside walls. Made by spinning extremely fine high-density polyethylene (HPDE) fibers that are fused together to form a strong, uniform web, the tough structure of Tyvek is engineered to create millions of extremely small pores that resist bulk water and air penetration, while allowing moisture vapor to pass through. ADI carries both housewrap and window tape by DuPont Tyvek.
  • Ease of installation
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Tyvek HomeWrap available in 9 ft and 10 ft width rolls
  • Sill Seal is a fiberglass insulation that fills any gap between windows and frame openings; available in 4″ widths
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